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Use Home Access to View SRI/SMI Test Scores

Posted on Mar 18, 2014

Everyone at Station is working hard at wrapping up the 3rd grading period.  I can’t believe we only have one more grading period left in the school year.  Hilliard schools has turned on the ability for parents of students in grades K-8 to see the following test scores in Home Access:

In Home Access, simply select the ‘Grades’ button, then select the ‘Test Scores’ tab to view the tests.

This information not only provides you with more information about your child, but also the appeal process which is posted on our website and the district’s website.

2014-2015 Placement/Appeal for Class Changes

Posted on Mar 13, 2014

Click here to go to the district website for more information on the process and criteria to appeal/change class placement for the 2014-2015 school year.  Click here to see the criteria needed to be met to place an appeal.  Click here for the Appeal Form.

Hilliard Schools’ Flyers Move Online

Posted on Mar 4, 2014

We’ve all experienced the frustration of sifting through all the papers in the backpack searching for the one thing that may be of interest to our family.  In many cases we simply dump the entire stack, sometimes missing the important note from the teacher or the great opportunity from the PTO.  At Hilliard City Schools we want to be responsive to parent requests and create a better experience for all families while also being more environmentally friendly and cost effective in our operations.

Starting March 1st all PTO, Booster and community group fliers will be available online in the Hilliard Schools’ Flyer Connection . This means no more printing expenses for school groups and better communication with parents!  All fliers will be available in one location and parents can search by school or school grade level to find out about all the great things going on.  View Station’s Flyers

Outdoor Classroom

Posted on Jan 30, 2014

We are collecting box tops to raise money for an outdoor classroom.  Please send in any box tops you might have to help us in reaching our goal.  Thanks so much.boxtops

To report an absence, call: 777-2222 box #1910

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